The mission of the Oil Heat Association of Central Pennsylvania (OHACPA) is twofold: 1) to provide consumers in our state with greater awareness of the benefits of heating with oil, and 2) to build a community with, and serve as a resource for, area energy companies.  It is our goal to ensure that our members as well as Central PA homeowners and business owners can obtain quality, factual information about fuel oil and its advantages.

For Central PA homeowners and business owners in search of local fuel dealers or information about energy options, the OHACPA strives to be a comprehensive resource. Our organization works to provide details about local companies as well as about new technologies in the heating oil industry to help consumers make informed decisions when it comes to heating their homes and/or business properties.

For our members, the OHACPA facilitates communications from potential customers in your service area who are interested in your services.  As a third party, we exist to support your business while offering consumers transparent information.  Providing the latest news about heating technologies and other useful topics to the general public are strong ways to attract consumers to our association’s website and, in turn, to inform them about your company.