Providing Central Pennsylvania with safe heating is the OHACPA’s number one priority, and it’s why we support heating with home heating oil: because it’s so safe. This fuel source is not only used by 8.1 million households throughout the United States, but 6.4 million households – about 80% of all homes – use heating oil in the Northeast alone. Considering the intense, long winters this region experiences, the people here know that heating oil is the best option for them to get through the cold.

With that being said, OHACPA wants to ensure that oil providers and oil users all have a basic knowledge of heating oil’s dangers and the preventative measures one should take to keep you, your customers, and your families safe.

Preventative Safety

Annual inspections of your heat system and oil tanks ensure not only that everything is safe, but that your equipment is running at peak efficiencies. Annually tuned heat systems ensure the proper function of your equipment as well as increasing its longevity.  Aboveground oil tank inspections are easily performed and can prevent fuel leaks and costly damage cleanup.  Therefore, these are also recommended annually.


Did you know that heating oil is non-explosive? It takes a high-tech burner to ignite it, reaching temperatures of over 400° in order to vaporize and then ignite the fuel. What does this mean? Even if you were to drop a match into a bucket of heating oil, it will not catch.  Though we do not recommend this.

Warning Sign Safety

Unlike propane- and natural gas-fired equipment, if your heating oil system were to fail, there are several warning signs that occur before there is any release of carbon monoxide: your equipment will produce smoke, odor, and soot. With other fuels, there are fewer warnings against poisonous gasses, and generally, if you smell the fuel, it’s too late – dangerous gasses are already present in your home.

In Case of Breakdown

If your heating system were to fail and your home runs on heating oil, you have little to worry about. Your local heating oil provider likely offers 24-hour emergency service.  So, no matter what time of day or night, you are only a telephone call away from getting your system up and running again.  You will never have to worry about prolonged periods without heat in the event of an emergency when you have heating oil.

Environmental Safety

Heating oil burns 95% cleaner than it did in 1970, and with governmental and private initiatives, greenhouse gasses have decreased by approximately 33% in the past four decades! Check out how else heating oil is becoming greener!

OHACPA Wants to Help Ensure Safety