Green Energy

In an increasingly industrialized world, finding ways to protect the environment and our future is exponentially important. Heating oil provides not only a safe and efficient option for heating your home but an environmentally-friendly one, as well.

Technological Advances

With greater and greater efficiencies achieved regularly, new heating oil systems now operate at up to 95% efficiencies and can save 30% on your fuel costs. This translates into burning less fuel for the same heat. Not only that but over the past four decades, the heating oil industry has reduced its total greenhouse emissions by 33%.

Other Fuels

Natural gas and propane contain high methane levels. This is terrible for the ozone and atmosphere, considering that methane is nearly thirty times more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2). The heating oil industry, on the other hand, is currently working on cutting sulfur content in heating oil from 1,500 parts per million to 15 parts per million by 2018!

Oil Tank Protective Measures

In another attempt to create greener energy, there are now oil tank protection options that are preventative measures to protect against oil leaks. These services are provided by your friendly, local oil provider. EPA-approved tests can detect corrosion from inside your oil tank in order to proactively replace your equipment before it fails. This not only saves you from costly cleanups and damages but protects the earth from damaging oil contamination.

Alternative Solutions

New alternatives to oil heat are becoming increasingly available throughout the United States. Options like Bioheat® combine renewable elements with environmentally-friendly heating oil, creating cleaner, greener options to heat your home.

Environmentally Friendly Oil heat